Safe and Sound Underground Safe and Sound Underground: HIV-positive Women Giving Birth Outside the System

By Susan Gerhard

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MOMM provides information and peer support to current and expectant mothers with concerns about HIV testing and pharmaceutical AIDS treatments, and offers facts on healthy childbirth, breastfeeding, and non-toxic immune therapy with the goal of enabling mothers to make truly informed choices about these important issues.

HIV testing for expectant mothers is now mandatory in two several states and has become a routine part of prenatal diagnostics. In every state in America, an expectant mother's consent is no longer required for HIV screening.

Other than convicted criminals, expectant and current mothers and children are the only persons in this country subject to involuntary HIV testing and mandatory AIDS medication at the behest of public health and child welfare agencies.

Outside the United States, the more is concerning. Countries in developing areas of the world base HIV diagnoses on results from a single ELISA, a test known to produce false positives in women with a history of prior pregnancy. In Africa, the average woman experiences five pregnancies in her lifetime. Some AIDS researchers and medical ethicists suggest forgoing HIV tests in developing nations and giving all expectant mothers AIDS drug treatment.

Due to the questionable accuracy of HIV tests and the toxic and parents experimental nature of AIDS drug treatments, affected by these issues need information from a variety of viewpoints and authorities upon which to base crucial decisions and choices.

MOMM offers a collection of critical factual data unavailable from most AIDS organizations, health agencies and health advocacy groups, and provides a peer support network of naturally healthy HIV positive mothers and families. Whenever possible, we provide referrals to birth clinics, midwives, obstetricians, pediatricians, and lactation consultants that respect parents' rights to make informed decisions about all matters pertaining to HIV and AIDS. We also offer practical advice on how HIV positive mothers making informed choices to decline recommended HIV tests and AIDS treatments may avoid conflicts with doctors, interventions from child welfare agencies, and legal battles for the custody of their children.

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